OA Systems diverse portfolio of technology strategies makes us an ideal partner for educational organizations. Our focus on research and development in the K-12 market has yielded unique, scalable solutions that increase communication and efficiency while maintaining the security and ease of use that both teachers and students deserve.

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Protection with Performance

Seamless Integration

Integrates with any wired or wireless network, which allows you to secure your wired and wireless networks the same way using the same user database and using the same captive portal.

Automatic Registration

OA Systems provides several means to automatically register a client or device. We offer by network device, DHCP fingerprinting, MAC address and more.

Real-time Detection

Automated detection and restriction or quarantine of noncompliant devices based on device type, vulnerability assessment, potentially malicious behavior, or infection.

Network Access Control

Comprehensive endpoint control, offering security checks throughout the lifecycle of a device’s network access.

BYOD can encourage collaborative education, increase student engagement, and allow opportunities for more personalized learning where students can excel at their own pace. Our solution allows you to not only enable but also secure BYOD and guest access.

Extensible / Easily Customizable

  • Single Sign On Ready
  • - Active Directory/LDAP Integration

  • Customizable Security Settings
  • - Pinpoint network policy violations by device and user and implement consequences.

  • Flexible VLAN Management and Role-Based Access Control
  • - Per switch / Per client category / Per client / Using any arbitrary decision

    Network access control has become an essential component of the standard BYOD architecture.

    Usage Policy Enforcement

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • - can be specified such that users cannot enable network access without first accepting it.

  • Isolation of Problematic Devices
  • - supports several isolation techniques, including VLAN isolation with VoIP support

  • Remediation Through a Captive Portal
  • - network traffic is terminated and based on the nodes current status (unregistered, open violation, etc), the user is redirected to the appropriate URL.


  • Centralized Policy Management
  • Dashboard Device Profile Views
  • Remote Registration & Auto-provisioning
  • Secure Guest Registration & Access
  • Device Compliance Check
  • Administration

  • Built-in Violation Types
  • Bandwidth Accounting
  • Proactive Vulnerability Scans
  • Command-line and Web-based Management
  • Authentication and Device Categorization

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