OA Systems diverse portfolio of technology strategies makes us an ideal partner for educational organizations. Our focus on research and development in the K-12 market has yielded unique, scalable solutions that increase communication and efficiency while maintaining the security and ease of use that both teachers and students deserve.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Building a Cloud Network for Education

Great Flexibility

Running out of space in your server room? Tired of maintaining an ever-growing amount of hardware? OA Systems Cloud Infrastructure allows you to create virtual servers in our secure data center without even leaving your desk.

Easy Scalability

As your needs change so can your virtual server environment. Easily scale services up or down depending on your needs without dealing with additional hardware costs.

Increased Affordability

We’ve priced our Cloud Infrastructure with affordability in mind. Not matter how many resources you require we have a plan that will fit your budget.

Cloud Infrastructure

PAIUNET High-Bandwidth High-Speed Connectivity

OA Systems' Cloud Infrastructure is a web service that provides resizable computing capacity in the Cloud. With an easy-to-use interface, you’ll have your server running in minutes not hours.


  • On-demand Self-Service
  • - dynamically provision computing capabilities, such as server, network storage as needed.

  • Rapid Elasticity
  • - scale rapidly outward and inward as necessary.

  • Location Independence
  • - users access applications regardless of their location or what device.

    Not only is Cloud Infrastructure incredibly easy to deploy and administer,

    it also increases reliability and performance while reducing waste and costs associated with traditional server hardware installations.

    In Addition

  • Private Networking
  • High Availability, Load Balancing
  • Web-Based Console Access
  • Amazon EC2 Compatible API
  • Five Minutes Server Creation with our Templates
  • - and much more.

    Along with a solid offsite backup, Cloud Infrastructure fits right into a sound disaster recovery strategy by allowing immediate failover for critical services.

    • "I have been using OA Systems for many years and I can say that their level of support is the best by far."Mohawk School District
    • "Fantastic... and thanks for the help, I really appreciate the service and support."Warren County School District
    • "Having a partner like OA Systems that can offer additional help and direction is very important."Butler Area School District