OA Systems diverse portfolio of technology strategies makes us an ideal partner for educational organizations. Our focus on research and development in the K-12 market has yielded unique, scalable solutions that increase communication and efficiency while maintaining the security and ease of use that both teachers and students deserve.

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Phone: (888) 347.7950 Email: info@oasystems.co

Cloud Computing

Application Virtualization and Desktop Delivery for the Education

Manage Applications

Review installed apps on all connected devices. Monitor for malware and remove inappropriate and rogue apps.

Platform Independent

Platform independence is crucial as few companies use just one type of device.

Reduce Complexity

Deliver applications, data and virtual desktops from a central location, providing continuous availability, resource-based load-balancing and complete network transparency.

Cloud Computing

Deliver applications to remote users and mobile devices in a seamless and easy-to-manage way.

Our solutions and proven methodologies can help you quickly and efficiently plan and deploy a high-performance, resilient, and scalable cloud design for your district. Our solutions also provide exceptional control of both server and networking platforms, resulting in a consistent and desired user experience regardless of delivery method (cloud, on-premises, or hybrid).

Application Publishing & Remote Desktop

  • Mass deploy apps to groups of devices. You can define apps present on Google Play or the Apple Appstore, or apps that are stored only on your repository.

  • Collaborate anywhere, inside or outside the organization, on any of the latest devices.

  • Securely deliver either a Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS).
  • Identity Management

  • Customize the user environment, and configure and monitor resource access.

  • Secure and timely management of on-boarding and off-boarding users in the cloud.

  • Data Security

  • Encrypted connection, Group Policy compliance. Retrieves user rights policy from Active Directory to guarantee compliance and simplify the process. Also integrated with several data protector software products to add second-factor authentication.

  • Delivers real-time monitoring and alerts allowing you to create and manage security policies. Also create intuitive compliance and usage reports from the management console.
  • Load Balancing – High Availability

  • Customize a variety of balancing methods to distribute traffic, including persistent and non-persistent options. Easy to achieve a load balancing setup, without complex network configuration or dedicated hardware.

  • Checks all relevant services before forwarding a connection to a particular server, ensuring complete terminal server redundancy. Automatic failover protection in the event of system failure or downtime, again ensuring complete redundancy..
  • Easily deliver Windows applications hosted on hypervisors and Windows remote desktop servers to anyone anywhere using any type of operating system, computer or mobile device.

    Monitor for Inappropriate Apps

  • Easily review the apps that are installed on all your devices and quickly find inappropriate apps that might affect district productivity.

  • Exercise full control over which applications are downloaded and installed on mobile devices, you can create a Whitelist which specifies which applications are allowed on your employees’ devices.
  • Find & Track Mobile Devices

  • Know where your mobile devices are and where they’ve been - the service automatically stores complete location history for each device or for specific groups of devices..

  • Location History can be configured to work differently from one group to another using Group Policies. You can identify and select groups of devices for which you want to record or exclude location history.
  • Fat & Thin Client Management

  • Convert legacy machines into secure thin clients.

  • Choose which applications can run locally and which remotely.

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